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  1. Troubleshoot issues related to mobile hotspots and your Pocket WiFi
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  • My samsung galaxy pocket GT-S5300 won't connect to wifi..
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My Galaxy Note II connect just fine via wifi and has access to the internet, my gt-s connects to the hotspot without hassle and connectify shows the added gt-s immediately but no data gets transferred. Everything just times out. What can be the issue and what is my options to fix it?

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Thanks for any help. MoodyBlues - Crazy peacock person -.

how to change pocket wifi password from phone with app very easily 2019

Hello there, duardlouw! Welcome to Android Forums. My gut instinct is that the issue is not wifi-related, but has something to do with the GT-S Perhaps its settings or Let's see if anyone chimes in with ideas on this; if not, I think the thread might do better in the GT-S's board, so we may end up moving it there.

Troubleshoot issues related to mobile hotspots and your Pocket WiFi

Strangest of all is that a few months ago we were able to connect that same gt-s to that same iburst via a connectify virtual hotspot without any issues. Yes maybe it will be better if moved to the gt-s board. Or is there some sort of "cut-off" speed where the network won't share the internet. I have a bit of a slow internet situation, unfortunately. If so, is there a setting where I can make some changes?

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Share This Page Tweet. Wi-Fi hotspot password 9 Check the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot checkbox 10 Your phone is now set up for use as a modem Select your phone from the list of Wi-Fi networks on your computer or any other Wi-Fi compatible device and enter your password.

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To turn off your Hotspot, simply uncheck the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot checkbox. Please select your country and operator below to see Device Guides for your operator.

What is WiFi calling – Everything You Need To Know

Please note: Your operator does not offer Device Guides. Some phones, tablets, guides, settings and other features will be unvavailable or incorrect. Select operator.